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EstiMasters LLC uses cutting-edge technology as well as softwares to provide reliable and accurate mechanical estimating services for construction projects.

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Mechanical Estimating Services

EstiMasters LLC is a leading construction estimation company that provides a comprehensive range of services to contractors, developers, and other stakeholders in the construction industry. Our Mechanical Estimating Services are designed to help you accurately estimate the cost of mechanical systems in your construction project. We understand that mechanical systems are a crucial component of any building, and estimating their cost can be a daunting task. Our team of experienced estimators is here to help you with all your mechanical estimating needs.​

Our Mechanical Estimating Services cover a wide range of mechanical systems, including HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and more. We use the latest software and tools to ensure that our estimates are accurate and reliable. We also take into account all the necessary factors that can impact the cost of mechanical systems, such as the size of the building, the complexity of the system, and the materials used.

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Services we offer includes:

  • Valves & Regulators
  • Hangers, Struts and Supports
  • Mechanical Sound, Vibration and Seismic Control
  • Pipe and Duct Identification
  • Pipe and Wire Concealment
  • HVAC Insulation
  • Hydronic Piping and Pumps
  • Pumps
  • Fuel-Fired Heaters
  • Solar Energy Heating Equipment
  • Central Cooling Equipment
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Indoor Central-Station Air-Handling Units
  • Packaged Outdoor HVAC Equipment
  • Decentralized HVAC Equipment
  • Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Heat Pumps & Geothermal
  • Terminal Heating and Cooling Units
  • Packaged Water Chillers
  • Cooling Towers (Packaged and Field-Assembled)
  • HVAC Ducts and Casings
  • Fabric Ducts
  • HVAC Fans
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Roof and Attic Fans
  • Special Exhaust Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Hoods
  • Laboratory Fume Hoods
  • HVAC Air Cleaning Devices
  • Central Heating Equipment
  • Boilers