Lumber Estimation Guide: A Cheat Sheet for Contractors

Lumber is an upscale material used in different types of remodeling and construction projects. Whether you’re building an office setup or remodeling a home, it is crucial to have lumber estimation before commencing your work. Lumber estimation could either be for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes.

With the steady expansion in construction and building properties, the demand for construction and real estate companies has taken over. The profitability of material in this competitive market highly depends on a consistent flow of contracted work, accurate work estimation, and cost management. 

Where it is important to have an estimation for material, it is also necessary to have a critical analysis of the material used in your project to make sure that you get the best for your construction project. Before estimation, each part of lumber is examined carefully including structural and non-structural parts, fascia, sheathing, wall furring, and sill plate. 

There is various advanced software that makes lumber estimation for your project convenient. So, before using it for your work having an accurate estimate of the exact amount is essential to save yourself from spending more money. 

Let’s discuss how Lumber estimation works.

How does Lumber Estimation Service benefit you?

Being a part of the construction business, you should know how it is important to take correct measures while selecting a material you need, the amount you require, and the money you need to spend on it. For this, it is necessary to have accurate estimation as it helps you determine the exact quality and quantity you cost-effectively require for your project. The following are the benefits you get when you take estimation services:

  • Lumber estimation experts have the expertise to examine and give you a clear picture of how much material you’ll require for your construction project. 
  • It saves your precious time. Rather you do it yourself, let the professionals and experts do this for you so you can focus on other aspects of your project. 
  • You can save money in the long run by getting help from estimation service providers who can guide you according to your budget. Also, it helps you avoid over and under-buying. 
  • When you consult with experts, you’ll be at peace that your major work side is in safe hands. It also aids you in avoiding mistakes that could lead to loss of time and money. 

Types of Lumber Estimation

Lumber takeoff and estimation can be done for residential, commercial, and industrial projects as well. There are different services for each domain. Here’s a list of these services:

Commercial Lumber Estimation

  • Offices Lumber Estimation
  • Hotels Lumber Estimation
  • Malls and Shopping Marts Lumber Estimation
  • Arenas Lumber Estimation
  • Schools and Hospitals Lumber Estimation
  • Restaurants Lumber Estimation

Residential Lumber Estimation

  • Home renovation and remodeling 
  • Studio Flats
  • Houses and Apartments 

Industrial Lumber Estimation

  • Chemical Industries Lumber Estimation
  • Water Plants Lumber Estimation
  • Highways and Bridges Lumber Estimation
  • Marine Lumber Estimation
  • Drilling Lumber Estimation
  • Pharmaceutical Industries Plantation
  • Mining Lumber Estimation
  • Metals Lumber Estimation
  • Petrochemical Lumber Estimation

What do you get from Lumber takeoff and estimation service?

The estimation service involves several things that are necessary for your project. It includes;

  • Marked drawing plan
  • Labor cost
  • Material cost
  • Labor hours
  • Lumber cut list
  • Review of overall inclusions and exclusions
  • Excel sheets of lumber takeoff
  • Bidding summary that contains logistics, permits, taxes, profit percentage, and total cost of material, labor, and equipment.

Services for Lumber Estimation

The estimation companies offer a wide range of services which are as follows;

  • Bidding assistance and estimate
  • Budget estimate
  • Framing takeoffs
  • Preliminary estimate
  • Project lead
  • Order changes
  • Subcontractor marketing
  • Lumber takeoffs
  • Lumber takeoffs reference list

Material to quantify lumber takeoff

There is different material for every construction project that needs to be measured according to the requirements. The quantification of a wide variety of both wood and plastic composites is crucial for a successful estimation process. The followings are the quantifiable material:

  • Joists and beams
  • Stair components
  • Wood trusses
  • Wood studs
  • Wooden Countertop
  • Cabinet
  • Structural Timber or lumber
  • Wooden stairs & Railing
  • Wood Shelve
  • Wood Paneling
  • Millwork
  • Structured insulation panels
  • Fascia
  • Paver stands
  • Plastic laminates
  • Casework
  • Rafters
  • Trim & Siding
  • Standing & Running trim
  • Framing
  • Wood Framing
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Plywood Sheathing
  • Top & Bottom plates
  • SPF Headers
  • Fiberglass Gratings
  • Drywall framing
  • Slatwall Paneling
  • Laminated Headers
  • Wood decking

How does the estimation process take place?

To define the right direction to work, the first step in estimation is to analyze the design plans of a client, material specifications, usability, field needs, delivery schedules, and much more. This will be done using the latest technology software such as Bluebeam, Trimble, Plan swift, etc. to accurately measure each dimension. Excel spreadsheets are used to frame the quantification of lumber material. Color coding in plans also is used to reference them properly. 

The estimation process also involves the lumber cut list to maximize the wooden usage and minimize wastage. It helps workers to utilize every piece of material properly. The correct lumber estimate and takeoff require a thorough understanding of wall configuration, millwork, building methods, wall arrangements, lumber quality, structural accuracy, labor cost, transportation expense, and man-hours as well. 

How we can help you with this?

As we have a group of committed experts who work hard to offer the intended perspective to the client’s project, we have earned and maintained our reputation and reliability with our clients. We offer consultation along with a thorough cost estimate for your project within 24 to 48 hours. Our prompt service will help to accelerate the entire pace of your project.

We provide in-depth lumber estimates and takeoff service along with a marked-up work plan at cost-effective rates. Our services for lumber takeoff and estimation raise the bid ratio to more than 92%. We have experts that help clients choose the high-quality material that makes a solid project for you by providing precise estimates for lumber.

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